Mt. Everest -- not a part of this ride.

Are There Any Hills on This Ride?

This is probably the most common question we get for all of our events:

“Are there any hills on this ride?”

We’ve learned over the years that one person’s “gentle rise in the road” is another person’s “monster nightmare hill”.

So how to explain how hilly any route is as honestly as possible?  

Here’s some info that we hope will help.

First, take a look at this “monster hill”:

Many of you have pedaled this before -- it’s 8th Avenue from 52nd Street to Columbus Circle.  Deceiving, yes?  

• • •

Here’s one more:

That’s the bike loop around Central Park.

Read these hill profile charts carefully!

Here are the elevation charts for the pedaling we’ll do this weekend:

Friday’s Ride from the Woodstock Site to Barryville:

Here's Saturday's ride from Bethel Woods out to the breweries:

Finally, here's Sunday's ride through Hawk's Nest and on to Dingman's Falls: